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Sales Of Spices And Decorative Items Increase In Biratnagar


Biratnagar, Oct. 22,2014: With the nearing Tihar or Deepawali festival, sale of spices and decorative items in wholesale to retail shops in Biratnagar has increased considerably.

There is big crowd of people buying these things in retail shops to departmental stores in the market and prices are increased by traders to take benefit of the demand.

Spices like kaju, kismis, walnut, peanuts, coconut and chocolates are given as gifts by sisters to their brothers after giving tika on the Bhaitika day.There is crowd to buy these things but traders said there is no remarkable business and blame Jogbani bazaar in India for this.

The traders make attractive packets of spices like cloves, kaju, coconut etc and the packets cost fro, Rs. 50 to Rs. 2000. they are mostly imported for, India and spices worth hundreds of thousands of is consumed in Biratnagar alone.



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