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972658_1507247032851794_415391953_nOn September 6th, a rising, autonomously conducted youth club, Bibeksheel Nepali Social Service Club, held an event in Basantapur, Kathmandu called “ Stop Violence Against Women”. The purpose of this event was to spread awareness about the ongoing verbal, psychological, and physical harassment towards children and women in our country. Specifically, it was a call for justice. It was a reminder that many cases of assault, rape, and murder have gone unreported, unnoticed, and unsolved. And in some instances where cases are taken to court, justice is not provided. The event was a great success thanks to all the people who were involved. Nearly 60 youths (age group ranging from 17 to 30) were part of the planning and executing of the event. The team included volunteers, choreographers, and dancers. The crowd of over 1000 people were entertained by B-boying while the important message was delivered by the reality based drama and the dance. Bibeksheel Nepali Social Service Club will be continuing their “Stop Violence Against Women” campaign for the next few years, with events planned through 2016. Their next performance will be on Saturday, September 20th at Patan Durbar Square at 3:45 PM


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