Traffic Congestion hinders Melamchi Project Works

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Traffic Congestion hinders Melamchi Project Works

Kathmandu, Feb 10,2015: The traffic congestion at Gokarna area is badly affecting the activities under the Melamchi Drinking Water Project because the trucks and carriers ferrying construction materials to the project site are trapped daily in the traffic congestion.
As the big vehicles ply on the narrow road, especially beyond the Gokarneshwor Mahadev Temple of Gokarna, it gets quickly congested, said Madhav Nepal, the project engineer.
It has also ruined the time of people using public vehicles, said a local, Keshav Prasad Bhandari, adding that they could not even reach the office on time.
The potholes and wide cracks on the Jorpati-Sundarijal road is another problem to add woes to the commuters and vehicle operators.
Engineer Nepal said it was urgent to either widen the road or patch up the cracks and fill the potholes to help accelerated the project activity.
Although the project has allocated Rs 40 million for the repair of the road, it was not viable right now for having little space for vehicles’ mobility.

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