Village tourism, a support for entire country’s tourism sector  

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Village tourism, a support for entire country's tourism sector  

Kathmandu, Nov 19: The implementation of village tourism had added a new dimension to the promotion of country’s tourism, shows a study.

The concept of village tourism has been established in the domestic tourism industry, according to a study conducted by Kathmandu Research Center.  Tourism industry has been a supportive to the economic development of Nepal. Village tourism is the effective means of promotion of both local and national tourism, said center president Dr Surendra Bhakta Shrestha.

An idea of village tourism was first conceptualized by tourism expert Dr Pradhananga in 1980. It was for promoting country’s entire tourism sector.Recognizing his idea, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation in 1995 for the first time included the concept of village tourism in national tourism policy. The ninth five-year development plan has promised to develop a ‘model tourism village, and allocated the budget to that end as well.

With the implementation of village tourism programme, the number of internal tourists has gone up.  People’s habit of visiting villages for entertainment has been developed and it has contributed to the promotion of local tourism and economy. Foreign tourist in Nepal normally spends Rs 3,552 in an average per day whereas domestic tourist spends Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000, the study shows. The number of internal tourists has exceeded 4 million in the country.

Religious shrines and sites have a major role in promoting religious tourism, an integrated part of domestic tourism. With the launching of village tourism, home stay services have been started in 512 villages in the country.

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