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Yunus&Youth Global Fellowship Program for Social Entrepreneurs 2020


Apply now for the Yunus&Youth Global Fellowship Program for Social Business Entrepreneurs 2020. They are excited to have you join them to become a part of a growing community of young social business leaders that are leveraging their skills, experiences, and the Yunus&Youth ecosystem to further the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda.

The Yunus&Youth Fellowship Program 2019 supported 22 amazing young people from different nationalities working on innovative solutions on the SDGs. In 2020, they will continue the momentum with talented people like yourself becoming part of the incredible community.


  • Be a part of an individually tailored online mentoring program with an experienced mentor who will provide professional guidance;
  • Participate in expert webinars with social business professionals;
  • Increase your global network by being part of a global class of exclusively selected young social entrepreneurs;
  • Receive support on focus areas and see your business grow and be taken to the next level.


  • Y&Y Fellows are selected on the following criteria:
    • Demonstrated dedication and commitment to building a social business and solving a social an issue in their community;
    • Willingness to receive professional guidance and work hard to grow and develop their social business;
    • Being the founder, co-founder or having full decision-making power in the organization;
    • Fluency in English;
    • Generally between 18-30 years old with a few exceptions made for outstanding applicants over 30.
  • Special consideration for:
    • Solutions that represent an advance in the way of tackling a problem to accelerate the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals;
    • Ideas that integrate new technologies;
    • Innovations that specifically target problems faced by any of the following groups: youth, women, ethnic/racial minorities, LGBTQ+, refugees and displaced persons or persons with disability

Eligible Regions: Open for All

Application Deadline: February 16, 2020

Official Link: https://yunusandyouth.com/