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‘Donate To Protect Friends’ Fund Raising Scheme By Armed Police


May 17, 2015: With the fund raising scheme named ‘Donate to Protect Friends’, the Armed Police Force has raised a welfare fund of over Rs 400 million for the resettlement of its staffs who have been rendered homeless after the destructive earthquakes.

All APF persons are obliged to donate Rs 10 per day. Deputy Superintendent of the Armed Police, Ajay Chhatkuli said that out of this fund, Rs 300 million will be distributed in cash to the APF persons with devastated houses while remaining Rs 100 million will go to disaster relief fund for future.

He further added that even the loan on zero percent interest would be provided to the needy APF persons. Similarly, Free education would be provided to the children of the APF persons killed in the quake up to grade 12 and every technical assistance provided to build earthquake-resistant houses under the scheme.


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