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Electricity To Rural Areas Reduces Deforestation


Gokuleswor (Darchula), Nov 28: Rural folks of Darchula district now are feeling a sigh of relief with electricity access reaching out their communities.

Electricity has become a boon for the locals and is likely to transform their lives.

Till some years back, they had been largely relying on root of pine tree (Salla) and oil-fed lamps for light.

The life standard of locals has witnessed change over the years after electricity was generated from rural rivulet of the district with the assistance of Poverty Alleviation Fund and other different agencies. The forest clean-up drives have also been reduced with the electricity outreach.

With the construction of micro hydropower in villages, the trend of clean-up of national and community forests has seen sharp decline. There is no bound of happiness among local people here as now they are consuming electricity at the rate of Rs 80 per month.

The access to electricity has also improved children’s education in community.



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