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Feasibility Study for Production of Charcoal for Fuel


Banepa, Oct. 12:  Feasibility study is being carried out to start production of charcoal through new technology as a renewable energy in Kavrepalanchok district.

Study was started as to where and how to produce through the Bio-Fuel Production project for commercial production, distribution and promotion of its use. Various organizations have been studying, said District Forest Office Kavrepalanchowk Forest Officer Ganesh Raya.

Project Market Officer Chandika Amgain said study was on and it will be produced in Kavrepalanchok soon after Tihar festival.

He said in the first phase, Bhakundebesi and Kunta of Mahadevsthan were selected and other areas of the district too are rich in resource point of view.

He said coordination was made with the FECOFUN and District Forest Office for its production and it will be run in seven districts of Central Region and four of Western Region.


Charcoal production can be in two methods, said Amgain and informed Rs. 90,000 to 150,000 will be invested for it.


As it is smokeless and odourless, it does not make health hazard for users, food can be cooked with low cost, forest weeds and branches going on waste could be used and there is low carbon emission giving social and environmental benefits.

Even if it looks light like coal but it can give more energy than common coal. Its heat is more than 7000 kg calorie.


It is heated for four to five hours through special technology called retro in which water portion and other harmful gases of the tree branches and stalks of bushes are evaporated and charcoal which has burning power remains.



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