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Machine In Limbo for Lack of Installation


Lahan, Oct. 12: A machine worth hundreds of thousands of rupees brought a year ago in government grant for making organic fertilizer could not be installed due to lack of skilled technicians.

The machine brought through the Soil Management Directorate a year ago in grant could not be installed for lack of technicians in Siraha.

The machine was brought by the Small Farmers Agriculture Cooperative at Bishnupur Prama- 7 of Siraha.

Cooperative Chairman Satya Narayan Yadav said it could not be installed as no skilled technician was found in Nepal.

The directorate had given Rs. 2 million grant to buy the machine but we could not find technician and we have stored it useless, he said. We will use it soon after the festival by installing, he said and informed that efforts were made to install it earlier but were unsuccessful and it remained unused.

It is kept open without installation. Rs. 4 million was spent including the grant and Rs. 2 million of the office. As it is in open place, rust has been gathered in it.

Cooperative Board Member Rajkumar Yadav said it could not be installed and building for the organic fertilizer plant could not be built either.

It was bought as government grant could be frozen if not taken in time by adding also the amount meant for the building, he said.