Increasing soil erosion inundating rivers in Kanchanpur

    Increasing soil erosion inundating rivers in Kanchanpur
    Increasing soil erosion inundating rivers in Kanchanpur

    Kanchanpur, Feb 9: The depth of the rivers flowing through the Chure area in Kanchanpur is found to have been steadily decreasing for years, owing to the sand, stones and the like that come flowing along with the rivers.

    Locals blame it on the increasing deforestation in the Chure area and the illegal quarrying of the stones and salt from the forests there.

    The eco-system of the Chure area in Kanchanpur has also been disturbed due to the high density of population around the Chure and the wanton activities as excessive quarry of sand and stones, and the uncontrolled grazing of cattle among others.

    Kaliram Rana, a local from Shankarpur shared that the depth of the rivers here has decreased by three to four metres in the last three years. This has further aggravated the issue of floods that engulfs the villages in the surrounding every year.

    The rise in the surface of the river has caused the villagers to migrate to safer ground. Arable land is also filled with the salt that the rivers bring along the flood, further compelling the villagers here to seek for other favorable place.

    Mohan Poudel, Local Development Officer, Kanchanpur, opined that the District Development Committee, Forest Office and Soil Conservation Office should work in unison to address this issue. These offices have already undertaken the building an organic river embankment through the use of mesh wires and afforestation.

    Of the total area of Kanchanpur, Chure area occupies 12.48 per cent including 3.79 per cent area covered by rivers.

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