State Yet To Do Lot For Women Empowerment: Minister Radha Gyawali

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Minister Stresses Including 'Mother or Father' Provision In Citizenship

Kathmandu,7 March 2015: Energy Minister Radha Gywali said that the state is yet to do a lot for empowering women.

The state has not yet done justice in the matter of allocating rights to women despite high-sounding slogans for gender equality and inclusion in state mechanism.

In her speech on democracy, civic education and women rights at a programme organised by Modern Kanya Multiple College Baneshwor Saturday, Minister Gyawali said Nepal women had significant contribution to the movements launched for the establishment of democracy in the country, but their contribution had not been recognised by the state.

The strengthening of democracy and enforcement of the concept of inclusiveness would remain as a challenge until women’s proportional participation in health, education and employment sectors was guaranteed.

Lawmaker Omdevi Malla underlined the need of valuing women’s contribution to the state and ensuring their access to decision-making level.

Vice President of Federation of Nepali Journalists Anita Bindu stressed the need of implementing the issues of equality and rights effectively.




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