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Teach For Nepal Honors Partners to Celebrate National Children’s Day


In an event organized on the occasion of National Children’s Day, Teach For Nepal honored 17 banks and private corporations who supported the movement in the last Fiscal Year.

Kathmandu, Nepal – September 15, 2019  

Teach For Nepal honored banks, corporations, and individuals of Nepal who are playing a key role in the movement of ending education inequity in Nepal during a Partnership Celebration Event hosted by Teach For Nepal’s Leadership member and Managing Director of Hansraj Hulaschand and Co. Pvt. Ltd Mr. Shekhar Golchha at an event organized in Kathmandu.

The event was attended by Teach For Nepal’s leadership council members Dr. Mana Prasad Wagley, Anil Keshari Shah, Rajan Shrestha, Kiran Nepal, and Amina Singh along with more than one hundred CEO and Executives of various financial institutions and corporations. The chief guest of the event was Honorable Giriraj Mani Pokharel, Minister of Education – Science, and Technology.

“From the very first year, my company believed in Teach For Nepal’s vision and has been supporting them financially. When I continue to see TFN bringing change and an increasing number of supporters towards the movement, it gives me great satisfaction. I along with my family and the company believe that we are supporting a great cause. We are sure that this movement is creating great citizens who will be taking a human-centered approach to the challenges we face in our nation,” said Shekhar Golchha.

Teach For Nepal movement was launched in 2013 to strengthen the public school system in Nepal. Teach For Nepal recruits outstanding university graduates and young professionals into teaching Fellowship. This initial Fellowship provides an initial intensive residential training followed by two years of leadership development programs for the Fellows, who start their leadership journey by teaching in the classroom. Now in its seventh year, the movement has achieved support from 17 Nepali corporate houses which include various banks, corporations, and including collaboration with local governments. The movement has shown strong results based on a number of assessments.

“We have to stop teaching technical subjects on blackboards.” Emphasizing on country’s need for technical education, the Minister for Education, Science and Technology Honorable, Giriraj Mani Pokharel, appreciated Teach For Nepal for providing volunteer teachers (Fellows) to support the government’s mission in reaching out to rural communities. He added, “by drawing a new pool of talented individuals from diverse education backgrounds into teaching, Teach For Nepal is contributing to long-term systemic impact in strengthening public schools in Nepal. Teach For Nepal Fellows are working relentlessly to teach our children and prepare them for the world. And to know that our country’s financial institution and corporation are contributing towards improving education to make sure Nepal succeeds in the global race gives me immense pleasure.”

During the event, the following financial institution and corporations were acknowledged for their support in making sure that one day all children in Nepal attain an excellent education.

  • HH Bajaj
  • Surya Nepal Pvt.Ltd
  • Pancha Kanya Foundation
  • Nepal Investment Bank
  • Everest Bank
  • Nepal Bangladesh Bank
  • Machhapuchchhre Bank
  • Sanima Bank
  • Rastriya Banijya Bank
  • Kumari Bank
  • NCC Bank
  • Janta Bank
  • Siddartha Bank
  • Sunrise Bank
  • Himalayan Bank
  • Laxmi Bank
  • King’s College


  • Surender Bhandari, CEO, Kumabari Bank
  • Govinda Gurung, CEO, Civil Bank;
  • Sudeep Acharya, and  Antoo Shrestha

“We started Teach For Nepal with the belief that Nepali young individuals can make tremendous difference in the lives of children across the country, now to see 17 local private institutions support our work, we feel truly privileged to be a movement that mobilizes local resources to attain a common vision of quality education of all children regardless of their socio-economic background ,” said Shisir Khanal, Teach For Nepal CEO.  “In the coming years, we look forward to serving an additional number of schools and continuing to work in partnership with the government, schools, corporations, and our supporters to help reduce educational inequity in Nepal.”