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Time to accessorize yourself !!!


July 31, 2015: Accessories are undoubtedly one that shows your personality but besides that you can use a whole lot to accessorize yourself and get that glam on you.

Here are some of the advice on how to accessorize yourself ?

Outfit: If you are wearing neutral, or darker clothes with less color, you may want to accessorise with something colorful. Make your clothes as tasteful and stylish as possible.

Jewellery: If you’re wearing neutral, plain colors, you can do with almost any color of jewellery. If you pick earrings, leave your neck bare. Don’t go overboard. Wear the tiniest, most understated earrings possible like tiny studs or pearls. For hands, don’t wear bracelets and rings at the same time.

Head accessories: It could be hats or headbands. If you wear a hat it needs to go with your outfit. Head bands can be worn for decoration, or to keep your hair back, or both.

Belts: Whether they be black, brown, yellow or blue or purple and orange striped, belts are a cute way of accessorizing yourself while keeping your pants up.

Scarves: Scarves are great for all year round. If it’s winter or fall choose a nice thick one but if it’s summer or spring choose a thin one.

Handbags: Go for it as per your personal taste. Not just leather, you get really stylish cloth bags as well.

Sunglasses: These can be pretty cool and very helpful in protecting your eyes. Go for the chic look.

Shoes: Don’t forget to have a few pairs of shoes for special occasion. Some brands can be very costly, but if you’d wear them often, they’re worth it.


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