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Waqar’s apology too little too late: former captains


Karachi, March 30, 2016: It was clear the group’s diagram had gone down in the most recent three years and Waqar had neglected to achieve enhancements.

Disinterested by Pakistan cricket mentor Waqar Younis’ open expression of remorse for the group’s lamentable World Twenty20, previous commanders Ramiz Raja and Muhammad Yousuf have said it was an instance of short of what was expected.

Previous quick bowler, Shoaib Akhtar, notwithstanding, said he had been tormented by the way Waqar had offered his expression of remorse yesterday before the media.

“Waqar is one of our greats and it was difficult to see him apologizing. I don’t think anything will change by people apologizing. A considerable measure of things should be set right in Pakistan cricket,” Akhtar said on ‘Geo News’

Ramiz said on the same divert that even previously, part of individuals had been absolved for neglecting to convey great results.

“The thing is nobody is willing to face feedback or leave willfully. On the off chance that the group had been delivering great results the circumstance would have been distinctive. The dismal part is that neither have we seen an adjustment in execution nor the mentality. So the time has now sought changes,” he said.

Ramiz said he had played with Waqar and would not like to hurt him by saying much else.

“A considerable measure of space and freedom has as of now been given to partners. Presently the time has wanted hard choices,” Ramiz said.

The previous skipper said it was clear the group’s chart had gone down in the most recent three years and Waqar had neglected to realize upgrades.

“In the event that our ability on the seat is sufficiently bad whose flaw is it? The aptitude level of a few players is simply not moving forward. I think the time has come to rest a few players and attempt our new confronts,” he included.

“When I was reprimanded, I surrendered and left myself. I think two years is sufficient for anybody to substantiate himself and if that does not happen he ought to abandon himself,” he said.

Yousuf said it look bad for Waqar to apologize following two years.

“He is one of our greats and it would be better on the off chance that he is relegated with the lesser group like Rahul Dravid is working with the Indian youngsters. I am certain he will deliver better results and players,” Yousuf opined.

“Radical and hard choices should be taken at this point. Convey legitimate individuals why should willing give time and duty to their occupations.”

Akhtar said despite the fact that Waqar had apologized yet every single individual in the group and the PCB was in charge of the decrease.